Investor Relations

Our Company

CCU is a multi-category beverage company with operations in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay. With more than 115 years of history, CCU holds a long-standing business tradition being one of the largest players in each one of the categories in which it participates in Chile and the second largest brewer in Argentina. Over the years, the Company has been able to deliver profitable and sustainable growth by creating valuable experiences to the people with we relate and by adopting a true commitment with our planet.

Our culture is our identity, and in the Company is framed under the concept: SER CCU, which seeks to answer What does inspire us, How we are, How we do it and Who we work for.


SER CCU motivates us to transcend by going beyond our own interests through a concrete purpose and a true commitment with all of our stakeholders, in order to build a better life for all the people we interact with.

Our Purpose

We are passionate about creating experiences to share a better life.

Our Promise

We commit to improving people’s experiences and welfare through our wide range of beverages and by developing a sustainable business.

Our Principles


We work with dedication to always give the best of us.


We aim to achieve our goals while also considering the well-being of the community and the environment.


We comply with regulations and we encourage our people to work ethically.


We are moved by an entrepreneurial, innovative and proactive attitudes.

Our Personality


We are proud of what we are and of our history.


We treat others with respect and trust. (We treat each other with respect and trust.)


We like to set ambitious goals, surpass them, and adapt to the market


We spread enthusiasm.

Our Strategic Pillars


Maximize the economic value of our business by focusing on our operation margins and using our resources to promote efficiency.


Increase the size and scope of our operations through market share gains, addressing emerging needs, new commercial channels, consumption opportunities, and deepen our regional business.


Ensure long-term value of the company by properly balancing current and future wellness of the people we interact with, our brands development and environment care.

Our Processes

Every company operates, to a greater or lesser extent, with operational processes, and CCU is no the exception. This is present in all dimensions of our business, including our Executive Processes, which command our management functions.

From a processes point of view, CCU maintains a necessary balance between a formal and an informal organization. While the former allows us to have clarity that what we do ensures an orderly, structured and replicable management, the latter incorporates the necessary spontaneity that emerges from leadership and interpersonal relationships within the company.

A strong organization promotes excellence and passion for the order of a highly developed formal organization and personal spontaneity, typical of a very healthy informal organization. Neither is more important than the other; both complement each other harmoniously and virtuously.

Executive Processes

These correspond to a set of processes on which the management oversees the development of the Company.

  1. Strategic Plan
    Sets our annual priorities to achieve our strategic goals within a three-year horizon.
  2. Preference Model
    Supports the Strategic Plan by building high preference brands portfolios.
  3. Human Resources
    Seeks an integral development that maximizes organizational health. This process defines incentive schemes; talent development, and promotes initiatives to protect our culture and organizational climate.
  4. Operational Excellence
    Defines plans and goals for industrial management (products, processes and plants).
  5. Operating Budget
    Outlines operating budget by balanced scorecards control.
  6. Investment Budget
    Establishes and monitors investment decisions (Capex).

Our Business Platform

Our business is based on operating, with focus and synergy, a valuable multi-category brand portfolio, with responsible promotion, both regionally and at an export level.

Regional Scale

(Sales, Production and Distribution):
Our business has a regional scale and we develop operations that allow us to continue to increase our size. This permits us to operate with greater degrees of efficiency.

Export Categories

We have globally known brands in several categories that are actively promoted.

Multicategory in Drinks

With a special focus on the beer business and non-alcoholic beverages, the multi-category approach defines our relationship with the customer and the consumer in all the markets in which we operate. Wine, cider and malt complete the multi-category.

Brand Value

(Own brands, Partners, and Licenses):
We focus on building brand value to our consumers. We do so by developing not only proprietary brands but also boosting the brands we manage from our strategic partners.

Focus and Synergy

We integrate our operations to create synergies, but at the same time we maintain the focus on the specific characteristics of each business category.

Conscious Consumption

We promote responsible consumption of our products through several initiatives. We also take responsibility of the impact of our operation throughout all our value chain by mitigating negative impacts on the environment.

Our People

We live in a fully integrated world where the actions we take have an impact on all the people we interact with. At CCU we are inspired by this interaction, which is why we constantly seek to positively impact people’s lives through commitments and concrete actions that we carry out every day.


We are present in their consumer occasions.


We deliver satisfaction, quality of service and maximum execution.


We promote actions for security, development, and growth.


We promote collaborative relationships.


We contribute to their development by building trust and mutual value.


We generate sustainable value.


We have a positive impact on society and the environment.


We promote collaborative relationships.

Our Planet

We acknowledge the importance of doing business with a long-term environmental vision. This is why we promote a culture focused on minimizing the environmental impact.

At CCU, we are inspired to lead environmental initiatives throughout our value chain. This is a commitment by all CCU workers, implying being capable of reconciling economic and environmental aspects in all our projects and processes, by expanding our standards, in order to share a better life together.

Our commitment to the planet takes place through a medium-term Environmental Vision, which is renewed every decade, by adopting the direction of a circular economy in the use of resources. The areas of commitment of this vision are the following:


To reduce our emissions of CO2e.


To promote reduction and valorization of waste.

Use of Water

To reduce use of water and to increase reuse.